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Archives for November 2016


Thanksgiving has come and gone. The turkey comas have worn off.  The dishes are all done and the houses are all clean (hopefully).  We all know that the day after Thanksgiving, our brains fill with lights, inflatable yard creations, pine, and egg nog.  What we don’t necessarily think of is safety and fires during the fun-filled (and stressful) Christmas season.  So, in hopes to take some of that stress off of all of our wonderful customers, and begin that often forgotten thought train and conversation about holiday safety in our homes, check out the photo below:


If you still have questions, concerns, or just want to talk about your Christmas decorative plans or rant about holiday stressors, call our office or shoot us a message from our website.



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We have thought and discussed as a team, and felt it would be both informative and enjoyable to have a regular (or semi-regular) blog from our Owner and President, Toni Terrill Skaff.  The subject will be entirely up to her, and in her own voice.  So, without further ado, here is the first MUSING FROM OUR PRESIDENT:

Small business employs approximately 4.5 million people annually in the state of Texas. The majority of those small businesses consist of 100 employees or less. Ironically, being the small fish in the large pond, we are often the hardest hit with tax changes and insurance increases. 

As small businesses we have been given the responsibility of making sure that garnishments are made so that child support reaches children. We are responsible for reporting when individuals move from job to job and we must keep up with all the employment law and human resource requirements, often with one and two person offices.

When a law is created relating to financial payment and individuals are slow to follow through, the responsibility gets placed on the employer. Garnishments for child support, in many states garnishments for bad debts, become the responsibility of the employer. This is most taxing on the small business employer that does not generally house a large Human Resource Department to facilitate these requirements.

When we provide health insurance for our employees, we are not given any preferred rates or large group discounts, we pay what the individual would pay, and we are required to pay a majority percentage of the cost. Many small business owners cover the entire cost of the health insurance for each employee. Thinking about the cost of health care, this is daunting.

As Election Day comes around every four years, small business must steel themselves for new financial hits. More paperwork requirements and more laws to tie their hands. Our lobbyists are very small in number. Though we are simply trying to make a living, create a product and/or service for our customers, and create jobs for our employees, we seem to be the first on the line of attack when tax changes are made. There seems to be a hidden agenda against the small business man.

There is also an illusion that small business owners can work and vacation when they want. Much to the contrary; we take off the least amount of vacation and sick time. The majority of small business owners are in the trenches day after day working with their employees, not merely supervising and overseeing.

Personally, we started our business in order to raise our family in a closely knit environment; to have some control over how our children’s’days would be spent.

Many businesses are begun the same way for similar reasons. A vast majority of small businesses are family-owned and -operated.

The culture of a small business frequently is that of a family atmosphere. We provide personal support to employees if they have family issues, we provide financial support often by extending advances and loans.  We have helped many employees with car repairs, house purchases, weddings, quinceneras, and funerals. The small business employer is most often the first person that is approached for help during hard times.  That is not always for just financial support but emotional support as well.

Small businesses should be protected. They should have the respect of everyone especially the government. We hold within our four walls collectively the livelihood of over 4 million souls and their families. This is monumental: what affects us effects the entire country.


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Halloween has come and gone. The evenings are longer, and a bit chillier.  Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here, and then *POOF* it will be Christmas. 

I don’t know about your family, but the first thing my kids ask about the morning they wake up on November 1 is Christmas lights. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas lights just as much, if not more than, the next guy.  But honestly, they can be a huge ordeal to tackle, for even the most skilled and talented.  It’s not just putting them up, making sure they are all shining or blinking properly, are hung straight and spaced out evenly; removing them and storing them can be an epic nightmare as well.  I would prefer doing just about anything holiday related, including standing in line for Santa with terrified, screaming children, then go anywhere near a string of wadded up, tangled, broken Christmas lights.


So, in light of all of that festiveness (and to help you avoid year-round Christmas lights), we are now offering Christmas light installation, removal, and storage!

Here are just a few benefits scattered across the web for professional Christmas light installation:

 –Staying clear of dangerous, unsafe ladders;

 –Avoiding inclement weather;

 –Faulty extension cords;

 –The aforementioned tangled, damaged, and potentially dangerous strands of Christmas lights;

 –Keeping track of said strands of Christmas lights year-round; and

 –Crossing one thing off of your busy holiday schedule of events, tasks, chores, jobs, parties, and fun.

Like I said, this is the short list; believe me, I could go on and on. I cannot tell you how many years our house had the lights on all year just to avoid dealing with taking them down, storing them, and putting them back up.  So, let us start your holiday season off smoothly and stress free, and you can turn your attention to that 10 foot Noble Fir your kids have been begging you for!


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Is the owner’s last name Ohms? Do you mean Homes Electric?  These are just a couple of the numerous questions we have been asked, so I thought that my first blog post should address our unique moniker.

Ohms Electrical Services was opened by Tommy and Toni Skaff in 1981, and Toni took to the task of creating a company name that would stand out and create attention, and those numerous questions. Because as long as people are talking about you, your name is out there. 

So, Ohms Electrical Services was named for Georg Simon Ohm:

Georg Simon Ohm, more commonly known as Georg Ohm, was a German physicist, best known for his “Ohm’s Law”, which implies that the current flow through a conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference (voltage) and inversely proportional to the resistance. The physical unit of electrical resistance, the Ohm, also was named after him.


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