I do not know about you all, but in my house there are never enough batteries. We have an entire drawer dedicated to batteries, chargers, and battery chargers.  My husband has purchased every type of battery and battery charger under the sun in hopes to curtail our spendage on batteries.  Now, I had no idea the world of batteries was so vast and expansive until recently.  Did you know that you are supposed to charge certain types of batteries in a bag just in case they explode?!  I did not until it happened (luckily the battery was charging in said bag).  Anyway, here are some quick battery tips for those of you who find yourselves in the dark when it comes to most things batteries. 


NOTE: While on the phone with my husband telling him the good news about my battery safety finds he informed me that this safety list is for Lithium Ion Batteries which are not the same as Lithium Polymer Batteries (although they are basically the same).  Goes to show you, once you think you have learned everything (or something new) about batteries, there is always one more fact out there.