What does National Small Business Week mean to you? To me it means family.  My parents started this business because of their growing family.  They started Ohms so that my mom could raise their children at home, at the park, in the pool, at the beach, at the zoo, and, occasionally, at work with her and my dad.  I have memories of my parents at school eating lunch with me and also feeding sugar cubes to the horses in the field behind their office.  There were weeklong beach trips and long, boring days at work.  School field trips my mom was always the first parent to volunteer to chaperone.  My dad couldn’t make it to every school event because the company was still in its early stages.  There were ups and downs, but the positives outweighed the negatives a thousand to one.

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I chose to follow in my mom’s footsteps and came to work in the family business full-time, for good, when I got engaged to my now husband. I’ll be honest, it made wedding planning much easier when my mom and I could come and go as-needed for tastings, appointments, meetings, and all other things wedding.  With pregnancy shortly after, the path was cemented.  My husband (he does not work with the family) and I decided we wanted to raise our kids how my parents did.  Both of our kids started their lives going to work with me.  They were with their mom and both grandparents every single day.  It looked like we were running a baby store in an electrical service warehouse.  It may not have been the normal 9-5 daycare, but it was the normal for us.  And honestly, having my mom with me day in and day out in those first years made raising kids that much easier.  If someone got sick, we would rotate who stayed home that day so that my husband wouldn’t have to use his sick time (it allowed him more time off for vacations and holidays).  When they started school, I was able to be at every event, from Christmas parties to birthday celebrations.  To date, there has been a parent or grandparent at every single school event and/or field trip for both of my children and they are almost 9 and 7 ½ now.  That’s some teamwork!  And if it hadn’t been for this company, this small family-owned and -operated business, that would not be possible.


So, there you have it. That’s what National Small Business Week means to me.  What does it mean to you? 

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