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Houston in summer (or spring for that matter). We all know the first thing that happens:  the air conditioner is cranked down and the electric bill skyrockets!  Now, nobody wants to suffer through half of the year sitting in your house in a constant pool of sweat, so the air conditioner is not the answer.  If there is someone in your house like my husband, your lights will constantly be monitored and turned off twenty times a day.  (Note:  He does this at my parents’ house too.  The first thing he does every single time we visit is walk around their house, turning all of their lights off. He just can’t help it, I suppose.)  This no doubt helps, but it is never a guarantee to lower your electric bill, because often the daily damage is already done by the time the light monitor makes their rounds. 

We recently made the plunge to replace all of the hideous fluorescent lights in our kitchen, breakfast room, dining room, playroom, and living room with LED lights, and the reduction in energy usage and cost was immediate! Not to mention the house looks better without the lurking yellow glare from fluorescent light bulbs everywhere you looked. The task was long, dusty, and, at times, inconvenient, but in the end completely worth it, both cosmetically and economically.

Here are just a few benefits of converting your boring, ugly, glaring, outdated, or expensive lighting throughout your home:

  1. LONG LIFE: The average lifespan of an LED light bulb is roughly 100,000 hours. That being said, if you leave the light on for 8 hours a day, you wouldn’t need to replace the bulb for close to 20 years. This was the seller for my husband (although he still turns all of the lights out when he gets home from work.)
  2. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: With traditional lighting, 80% of the electricity is lost as heat. Thus, if you have an energy bill at $100, $80 of that has been used to heat the room, not light it. As a result, you likely turn the air conditioner down to cool the room faster or more, thinking it is a result of the sweltering Houston summer. 
  3. ECO-FRIENDLY: LED light bulbs are made free of toxic chemicals and are 100% recyclable. 
  4. STURDY: LED light bulbs are built from extremely durable and sturdy materials and components. They are great for all weather conditions and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting.
  5. DESIGN: LED light bulbs can be combined with any shape, level of lighting, color, etc. to create a pleasant experience for both the eye and mind. Classrooms and airplanes are already utilizing the mood illumination to enhance performance and experience. Sign me up for LED lighting in my 7 ½ and 8 year old children’s’ rooms 
  6. INSTANT & FREQUENT: LED light bulbs reach 100% brightness immediately upon being turned on. Additionally, frequent on/off switching does not affect the bulbs life or light emission. Imagine 12 recess LED cans in your living room being turned on at a.m. That’ll wake up the entire house!


These are just a few reasons to make the switch, take the plunge, to LED lighting. Just replacing the bulbs in one room will allow a drop in your energy bill, an improvement in your mood, and a peace of mind that you are moving in the right direction to help our environment.  Although the task can be a daunting one, the right electrical company can put your fears at bay and take you from beginning to end with little effect on your day-to-day life.  Call our office with questions or to schedule a free estimate to get the party started!