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Detect electrical hazards before they become a serious problem.

As a CurrentSAFE Partner, we’re trained to analyze and diagnose your entire electrical system, both inside and out.  We have the most complete and comprehensive non-destructive system for conducting Electrical Hazard Detection (EHD) in the home today.

Unlike most electrical contractors, our electricians are CurrentSAFE certified experts in electrical hazard detection.   They are highly trained in all aspects of electrical safety and testing. Our electricians thoroughly inspect, test, safety check, and evaluate all the electrical system components of your home. They don’t guess or speculate when it comes to accurately finding core problems and recommending cost-effect solutions. The result of the comprehensive evaluation is an understanding that your electrical system is safe for you and your family, and delivering clean power.

Electrical Safety and Testing

CurrentSAFE - After Lighting Strikes

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  • Electrical hazard detection

  • Electrical safety inspections

  • Greatly reduce the risk of electrical fire

  • Identify electrical shock hazards

  • Assure clean, dependable power to home electronic equipment

This is a non-destructive testing procedure requiring no cutting, drilling or removal of wall materials and is normally completed in less than a day!

A home electrical fire at one time or another is a concern for many homeowners, but with household wiring hidden behind walls and ceilings, there is no reliable way to detect a potential hazard.

Now, there is a way to help alleviate that concern and provide peace of mind for families — CurrentSAFE Home Electrical Hazard Detection Service.

CurrentSAFE utilizes revolutionary methods of testing and diagnosing electrical problems in your home which could lead to dangerous shock and fire hazards.  CurrentSAFE trained technicians utilize newly-developed technology which allows them to “look behind walls”. They can pinpoint electrical wiring problems which could jeopardize your families safety.

Current SAFE can find dangerous wiring issues including:

  • Low Voltage Conditon

  • Loose Connections

  • Underzided Wiring

  • High Resistance  Connections

  • Phase Imbalance

  • Malfunctioning Circuit Breakers

  • Overloaded Circuits

  • Improper Grounding

  • Overheating

Lighting Strike Test

CurrentSAFE - After Lighting Strikes

CurrentSAFE is the test we perform on homes after lightning strikes, electrical surges, and overall electrical hazard detection. We have come across many lightning strikes that have exploded electrical equipment off the walls of homes, and that same power surge that damages electronics also damages the wiring in the walls.

Why CurrentSAFE instead of Megger Test?



Ohms Electrical Services began as a solely residential electrical company in 1981. Today, we still have a large number of customers who have been with us since our beginning. Our licensed electricians can handle any task in your home, whether it be a plug that needs to be replaced, a surge protector installed, or you want to have your entire home rewired.



Ohms Electrical Services began as a residential electrical service company, but through knowledge of our business, dedication to customer satisfaction, and hard work, it has since grown to a company completing new construction, remodels, and maintenance of schools, hospitals, and many other types of commercial buildings.



Ohms Electrical Services and their staff of experienced electricians can meet any challenge and complete any job, big or small. Whether you need appliance circuits installed or have power outage issues, we can work with you to provide the best solutions.


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